Wordpress publishing workflow

Table of Contents

  1. Do not Publish

  2. Review Source Code

  3. Save as a Draft

  4. Email a Colleague

  5. Submit a ticket to Support

I. Do not Publish

Going forward, no user will publish content outside of the current Wordpress Admin (currently Joe Rocha). If the admin is not available for an extended time (ie. admins on vacation), a colleague may publish your content for you. However, you will still be required to submit a ticket to the WP admin to review on return. More on this can be found under Submit a ticket to Support.

II. Review Source Code

Review this guide on Wordpress Accessibility and correct your content as needed. You will need to click the "text" tab and review the source code to check for most common accessibility mistakes.

III. Save as a Draft

As you type, Wordpress will be saving your work to a draft every few seconds [cite].
However, It is not recommended to assume your draft is saved automatically.
Always click the "save draft" button on the right sidebar when you have completed your changes.

IV. Email a Colleague

Once you are confident that your page is accessible-friendly and you've saved your content as a draft:
  1. Copy the URL of your pages backend editor (not the URL you'd see in preview or below title). ie https://idre.ucla.edu/wp-admin/post.php?post=7907&action=edit

  2. Exit page and or log out of Wordpress, otherwise the reviewer will see a message that you are still editing. Both reviewer and editor will not be able to simultaneously edit as WP will only allow one user access to edit at a time.

  3. Email a colleague with the URL you've copied; explaining your request to review for accessibility issues.

V. Submit a Ticket to Support

Once your colleague has responded with approval of your drafted work:
  1. Create a new ticket at https://support.idre.ucla.edu/helpdesk/Tickets/New

  2. Add the subject "Accessibility Request".

  3. Select "Accessibility Review of Web Publishing" from the dropdown (above submit button).

  4. Add the URL copied from the WP backend (ie. https://idre.ucla.edu/wp-admin/post.php?post=7907&action=edit) and any pertinent information regarding the post.

  5. Submit the ticket and await a response.

Should the page pass Webaim's accessibility test, it will be published. Otherwise, if the issues are too broad, you will be emailed with the problems and asked to correct prior to resubmitting.

If the admin is not available for an extended time, (ie. admin is on vacation), a colleague may publish your content for you, however you must still submit a ticket to IDRE Support in order for the WP admin to review upon return.
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Accessibility review of web page publishing