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I deleted a file in my home directory. How can I recover it?

cd into the hidden ".snapshot" directory under your home directory and choose from the available snapshots.
$ cd $HOME/.snapshot

You should now be in a directory that looks something like "/u/home/j/jbruin/.snapshot" (replacing "j" and "jbruin" with the first letter of your login name and your login name, respectively).

Execute the "ls" command to list the snapshots available to you:

$ ls

daily.2016-10-02_0010 hourly.2016-10-03_1305 hourly.2016-10-03_1505 hourly.2016-10-03_1705 weekly.2016-09-25_0015
daily.2016-10-03_0010 hourly.2016-10-03_1405 hourly.2016-10-03_1605 hourly.2016-10-03_1805 weekly.2016-10-02_0015

Navigate to the director(ies) containing the deleted file(s) and copy the files back to your home directory in the desired location.
Creation date: 10/4/2016 9:56 AM ()      Updated: 10/28/2019 9:44 AM (bpape)