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Running Ansys on a local Widows machine while checking out a license on the Hoffman2 cluster (YOU NEED A VALID LICENSE INSTALLED ON THE CLUSTER - WE HAVE NO PUBLIC LICENSES FOR ANSYS)

These are the steps/software that you will need to install on your local Windows machine to run ansys locally while checking out your group license running on the Hoffman2 license manager:

  • You will need to install on your local Windows machine Git BASH (https://gitforwindows.org/).
  • You will also need to install a version of ansys on your local machine which matches your ansys license running on the Hoffman2 cluster:
  • navigate to https://support.ansys.com,
  • login in using your own (or your group) ansys credentials (typically provided by the vendor in the email)
  • once logged in, select Downloads>Current Release
  • Scroll down to Academic Packages o Download and install Electronics and Fluids & Structures
  • open the file ansyslmd.ini (typically in ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing):


  • and if applicable the file redirect.lic (typically in AnsysEM/admin):

     SERVER localhost ANY 1055

  • open Git-Bash and issue:

     ssh -g -L 1055:lm:1055 -g -L 2325:lm:2325 -g -L 2326:lm:2326 -f <YOURHOFFMAN2CLUSTERACCOUNTNAME>@hoffman2.idre.ucla.edu -N

You should now be able to start ANSYS on your local machine.

NOTE: for a linux system instead of editing the ansyslmd.ini file you will need to set the NSYSLI_SERVERS and NSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE on your local machine as shown above.
Creation date: 1/3/2019 11:34 AM (dauria)      Updated: 10/28/2019 9:56 AM (bpape)