Buying HPC storage on the Hoffman2 cluster

HPC storage is high performance, reliable, enterprise-class storage connected to the Hoffman2 cluster research network. Your Hoffman2 jobs may use this storage for fast, direct access to your computational data. This storage can only be accessed directly from the Hoffman2 cluster. You can transfer data from HPC storage to non-cluster machines with the cluster DTN nodes and Globus Online or scp.

You may buy HPC storage in increments of 1TB per year.

The current cost for HPC storage is $185.32/TB/year for project storage with free backups provided. Please refer to for full information.

You may use the storage purchasing page at to make your storage purchase or calculate pricing.

CASS archival storage can be used for archiving data that you don't need regular access to, and can also be purchased to back up your HPC storage.
CASS storage is available for between $115.61 and $156.74 / TB/yr depending on the amount you buy and the term in years.

More information on CASS is available at