Which password do I use to login?

As a user of the Hoffman2 Cluster, you will have the following passwords:
  • Hoffman2 login ID and password. Use your Hoffman2 login ID and password when you use an ssh client on your local machine to connect to a login node.
    ssh -X login_id@hoffman2.idre.ucla.edu
  • UCLA/UC Grid Portal username and password. Use your UCLA/UC Grid username and password
Your Hoffman2 login ID and password is independent of your Grid username and password. There is only one Grid password which is used by both the UCLA Grid Portal and the UC Grid Portal. If you request that the password you use for one of the grid portals be changed, you will have to use your new password when you login to either grid portal.
In addition to these passwords, everyone affiliated with UCLA has a UCLA Logon ID and password. You are sometime asked to authenticate with your UCLA Logon ID and password when requesting services via the web. The UCLA Logon ID and password is independent of any login ID/password or username/password combinations.